Awaken your hearts inner fire (Agni) and nourish yourself with nectar (soma), in this daylong workshop for teachers and students.

Fire is energising and leads to strengthening and to immediate psychosomatic transformation. Nectar soothes and leads nourishment of muscles and joints with self-care.

According to Niko, both elements are necessary not only to better our yogic practices but also to help us achieve balance in our daily lives.

Learn how to invoke and harness these powers within you, through the use of mudras, mantras, creative asana and pranayama. When we connect to the powers of fire and nectar within, we learn how to create an inner space of true self-respect, and through this self-worth, we achieve healthier relationships with those around us. Remember: There can be no true transformation in the outside world, if first we don't achieve it in the realms within.


After several years of study he left the lights of the City of London in search of the light within. He originally trained in Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow and then in Hot yoga and prenatal yoga at Triyoga Studio, where he worked as a teacher.

He continued his education in Rocket yoga, Broga – a unique style designed for Athletes and Budokon - a style with artful movement that incorporates Martials arts and meditation.

Along the way he completed 300 hours of training Jivamukti in New York, a school that is considered to be one of the top world-wide. With this method, he found his spiritual home and the light he was searching for in his personal, as well as professional teaching life. Finally, he completed a 500 hours advanced teachers training, in Tantra Vinyasa, with the renowned teacher Sianna Sherman.

In 2015 he relocated to Greece and made Hot Yoga Athens his new home and founded Agni School of Yoga teacher training.
A year later, he brought to Greece Mythic Yoga Flow® for the first time.

His yoga style reflects healthy alignment driven instruction, combined with intelligent sequencing to create a flowing artful movement. He teaches from the heart and his classes are light-hearted, with funky playlists, a touch of smile, a pinch of sweat and a good toss of quirkiness. Focus is given on lyrical slow flow that builds up to a dynamic sweaty core workout in the middle, only to soften towards the end for a Jivanmukta (liberating) ending to the practice.

Niko belongs to the generation of young talented teachers, shaping the future of yoga worldwide and is deeply devoted to his vision to contribute in the awakening of a free loving spirit within us that will stop the division and will unite us all.

Workshop Description

This 5 hour long workshop includes:

• Dynamic (fire) and Cooling (ice) practices of dynamic and creative vinyasa
• Pranayama practices (Kapalabhati: breath of fire and Sitali: cooling breath)
• Mudra applications (Shiva Linga, Prithvi etc.)
• Inspired movement exercises and asanas
• Meditation techniques

Agni Fire Flow (2.5hrs) – A dynamically energising practice of backbends and inversions, with the use of mantras, mudras and pranayama that tests the limits of body and mind to increase vitality, clear the mind and ignite the fire of the heart. Agni is the power of the fire that awakens, forges and transforms the yogi.

Soma Nectar Flow (2.5hrs) – A juicy hip opening flow with mantras and pranayama to cultivate self-acceptance and inner serenity The alchemy of yoga holds the secret of the harmonisation of the two opposite forces, fire and ice, sun and moon, Ha and Tha, within the psyche of each one of us. Soma is the power of the moon that nourishes the body and soul of the yogi.

What teachers around the globe have to say

I was honored to meet Niko's practice: a deep and touching experience! The flow, the myths, the touch, and above all the vibrations of his open heart. I can see the light, I can see the eyes of passion!

Chiaretta Muscinelli

I had the pleasure of knowing Niko on both sides of the mat, as teacher and as student. He brings a refreshing combination of wisdom and youthful energy, humour and sincerity, and he loves sharing the practice. Not to be missed.

Amme Hill Poulton

Taking a class with Niko is a beautiful and mystical journey accompanied by his knowledge and his pure heart. A lyrical, slow practice full of elements of myths that leave you moved and touched by a ray of light.

Alex Fabbri



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